Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Date Night

Brent took me for a date to Shoreline Movie Cinema to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
Of course he had to have a drop of some local brew from Tuatara Brewery

What fun and very clever to match a brew for the movie.

I probably should tell them they don't have to go bush to get some hops,
 I'm growing some only a few streets away from the brewery.

NOTE to Pam & Bruce (who are kiwis living in aussie) and Austen (a kiwi living in Scotland) I haven't told yea both yet but you will all be home about the same time how about a tasting session at the Tuatara Brewery - I'll be the sober driver.

The movie was excellent we both really enjoyed it.
A must see for every kiwi!

I've been to the movies two nights in a row. The previous night I went and saw The Lady in the Van again. It was a friends 50th birthday and for a surprize a whole movie cinema was hired out. My friend turned up to have a birthday treat to the whole cinema bursting with all her friends singing Happy Birthday as she walked in. It was really special.

Farm Stay Guests,
An old photo of Beau from a previous visit as you see I got a text saying

  "Sorry Leanne. Can't find Beau just now. Hope he turns up very soon. Will text when we start out!"

That is the beauty of the Farm Stay for cats being a hobby - we can wait for the guests to wonder home in their own time. Makes it a tad stressful for the owners especially trying to make flights. But ahh they are onto Beau and booked him and his sister Sienna in the Farm Stay for the afternoon before they leave for holiday.

 Brent and I went off to the movies, Beau wandered home at man cat time, got bundled into his carry cage and arrived to be settled in by Abbey for me.


  1. Love cat time! Hope the Wilderpeople movie comes to us in Massachusetts. Have always enjoyed Sam Neil's work.

  2. We will be in....Bruce loves his beer

  3. i hope i get to see this movie. i really enjoyed lady in the van.

  4. Must see the movie - looks good and I can do with a laugh. Glad your boy gave you a date night out.

    Mancat time is what Miss Pops is on too, she knows to disappear when the cat carrier comes out.