Thursday, 10 March 2016

Yarn Along,

I'm really enjoying crocheting the blanket. I tend to swap between making some hexagons to sewing some together which I probably shouldn't. I think you are meant to sew them together when  all hexi's are made so you can plan how the colours flow..... that kinda isn't my style.

One of my good friends also listens to audio books and we often share what we have been listening to. She was a tad sheepish when she confessed to reading The Selection (which is the only book in the series on audio) and she tried to explain to me what it was about. A cross between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games. As she said she was actually enjoying the book and it is a Young Adult book I gave it a chance.

I too am enjoying The Selection series by Kiera Cass. Here is a link to her web page which lists the books to read in order.  I feel it is totally suitable for teens, a light easy read and keeps you guessing at times.

My hairdresser asked me once if I was watching The Bachelor? Something I've never felt inclined to watch. So as Abbey and I have read the Selection series we have begun watching The Bachelor. Oh my what an experience! There are two girls from the Kapiti Coast Shari and Amanda.

We sit there and pretend we are the producers and say to each other oooh we would make him keep her as she adds interest to the show. I can't believe I am watching it - total fluff. I've watched two episodes I wonder how many I'll actually end up watching...

I seem to need a bit of fluff in my days at the moment.....

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  1. I think the hexagons are going together colorwise just perfectly. I love your colors! And your work is beautiful.

    1. Thanks - an organised scrappy look as I had to buy wool for the project. I've linked on Raverly what wool I'm using

  2. What pretty hexagons! I just love those earthy shades. They work so well together.