Tuesday, 15 March 2016

White geranium

 I'm thrilled with the white geranium blooming in the Moon Garden.

I'm stoked to have found on Trade Me some old fashioned freesia bulbs, the ones with lots of scent. Brent's mum used to grow them and send Brent home with a lovely bunch often, wish I had some of hers. Easter is the time for bulb planting and I seem to have a thing for spring flowers.

 I snapped this photo of old Mack and popped it on Facebook and Instagram yesterday but realise some of the readers don't follow facebook or Instagram so I'm sharing it here again for them. I do enjoy Instagram and pop in as a little reward after doing some study.  My current assignment is on the endocrine system which I am loving.

I sure wish I had Kelly Brogan's book when I was doing my assignment for my Naturopath course on depression. I am stunned that one in four woman of reproductive age is being treated with medication for depression.
Today while doing chores I look forward to listen to a podcast by Aviva Romm with Kelly Brogan.

Farm Stay Guests.
 Omar, Sterling and Coco have the full run of the cattery and really enjoying the extra space. Omar just can't get enough of the grass.

  As for Coco... trying to get a nice photo of her for her family is well a complete fail.

I think Sterling looks quite trim in the photo.

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