Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Golden Egg

 James sorted out a car for the Demolition Derby and since it was an Easter meeting he painted his car golden and called it Golden Egg.
 All loaded ready for Palmerston North Stockcars

 After the last one, I have no plans to go and watch his antics - it is something most mothers don't actually enjoy seeing I think.... Their kids getting whacked around on the race track.
However,  it is in the blood - Brent used to race stock cars and likes to go with James and help out.
Brent said there was total destruction and chaos everywhere - and it was probably the best derby he has ever seen - There were over 100 cars in the event. James was one of the last 10 left still going, but it all ended with the trans blown, engine blown, front tyres shredded and every panel well and truly munted..... But it still steered good when tractor shoved it on the trailer!!! James was in high spirits when he arrived home and we will watch it on video today.

Farm Stay Guests.

Evie and Pinot had a visit from Stella the poodle. She is amazing and does not tease the cats but often wonders down to check up on the guests and then wanders back. It was a fluke I got a photo of her saying hello.


  1. Nope. I don't think I'd be able to watch either. Well done to last as long as You did James xx

  2. I love the Golden Egg! So funny. :) Kit