Monday, 14 March 2016

Morning Welcome

I suppose I take rural life a bit for granted at times. 
I forget that everyone doesn't get such a lovely morning welcome from animals.

Farm Stay Guests

 Omar enjoying a good old scratch. His claws are sharp and will be booked in for a nail clip. I'm mighty mindful of his old leap on my back trick ...

 Coco looks scared here but honest she is not she was on full form clowning around and was the only photo I got of her where she was still for the camera.

Sterling is on a D I E T which is so hard as he sure enjoys his tucker.  Sterling has a la cate choice of mince special diet vet prescription wet food and diet nuts that is meant to help keep him trim. I hope I've not been to heavy handed on the portion size.... but usually the cats leave their holiday a little bit tubbier than when they arrived.

All three of them wind themselves in and out of my legs draping their tails up my leg while I get their dinner ready, I think there is something rather wonderful about feeding animals..

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