Monday, 7 March 2016

Little Bird

Brent & Abbey have been case studies for my naturopath assignments and for their healing they are both on an elimination diet meaning no dairy, gluten, wheat, eggs, or sugar  (and a few other things).

Nb sorry I can not take on any new clients re naturopathy I keep being asked but totally swamped with the current workload of assignments. I have two friends who have just graduated with naturopath diplomas in the Kapiti area and I am more than happy to refer you to them - just email me for their contact details.

It can be a total challenge eating out when you are on such a restricted, strict diet. But the progress we are seeing is all sooo worth it. I am still flabbergasted when I attend doctors and specialists visits with them and they are told that diet and what you eat does not matter even to the extent when surgeons have said just keep eating whatever you want and they will just cut out a body part to solve any irritation and take this pill and that pill for the rest of your lives......

Diet does actually matter!

But hay we already knew that and is one of the reasons I'm training to be a naturopath as one diet is not right for every single person.

(I tried to upload to the blog my finished handout on food intolerance's but can't seem to work out how to place a pdf file into the blog. email me if you want a copy)

So on their road trip to Auckland to collect the new car (Baz) they stopped at the Ponsonby Unbakery by Little Bird

 Brent had the burger and chips - aka  kimchi, chickpea burger with kale chips. His initial reaction of a typical kiwi bloke was "one fart and I'd be starving". He shared how pleasantly surprised he was. He found it was very filling and extremely tasty.
Abbey had a raw bagel with avocado, kraut and alfalfa. She enjoyed hers too.

They also both had a juice - Brent a beetroot and ginger and Abbey a green juice.


 Their stomachs  were bulging and didn't actually need desert but had preordered it. They gave Abbey a container to take hers away in. Brent chose the black forest cheesecake and Abbey the blueberry cheesecake.

Both of them were chuffed to locate some of the recipes in the Unbakery recipe book that I brought when they were having their pledge fund to raise finance .

So next time you are in Auckland check out one of the Unbakery stores Ponsonby, City, and Kingsland.

Little Bird - we need you in Wellington!


  1. i was a vegetarian for 18 years and i ate fabulous food!

    1. oh wow I didn't know that about you. There are so many interesting diet or type of eating plans