Monday, 21 March 2016

Demolition Derby and Trucks (Bloke stuff)

 The cars got further dedorated at the track by the girls.

 James got to be in the front of the line up
 There were 42 cars in the demolition derby
 James got quite a few laps in and bashed and crashed into many cars, spun cars around and had a thoroughly grand time

 Alas his car stopped

 But he tells me a new radiator which he picked up on Sunday and charging the battery his car will be ready for another demolition event next weekend at Palmerston North.
 We started off with two wrecks at our place and now we have three. Apparently other boys mums are not thrilled with their wrecks being at their place so around they park them at our place where the boys gather to refix their cars. Brent and I don't mind teenage boys could be doing much worse and we have always encouraged our kids to keep themselves busy. I'm also the only mother that lets them use my vacuum cleaner to clean out the car glass ...... But I get a tad frustrated when I went to use it and had no suction due to a washer stuck sideways in the hose... BOYS!

BUT Would you like to be our neighbours?
Sunday the boys were off to the Gear Jammers Hot Rod show.


  1. Lol yup I was that mum too. Loved having all the kids here. Miss them now they are all gone to their homes and having families of their own. Well done James. You will last longer next time. And yes. I'd be your neighbour. We could swap produce lol

    1. He is all set for another round on Saturday - I will not watch! But happy to see it on video.
      I'd be your neighbour too!