Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Road Trip

I'll be quite on the blog as I'm off to my very last ever workshop for my naturopath diploma. 

Can you believe it, the end of the study is getting closer and closer.

It is about a 5 hour drive from Paraparaumu (you can just see us three towns up from Wellington) to New Plymouth. I'm taking a detour and will drive around the coast which is called the Surf highway 45

I'm really looking forward to this workshop - but I will be away for over two weeks. I've never been away from the family for that long before ever. I do know I'll be busy. The days are packed full with lectures and the evenings and weekend will be filled with assignments to complete so I won't have much time to get up to any mischief.

This workshop we all get allocated a client. Kind locals let us final year students practice on them. We have a tutor plus another student watching us - that will be a bit daunting.

Day one we are given a photo of the clients iris which we will study and from that we can begin to build a picture of the clients health by using iridology. However what we find in the iris may not be what the client is wanting to come and see me about. It is actually something I have really appreciated and enjoyed is that we are taught to help the presenting complaint ie what the client actually came to see us about - NOT what we think the client needs.

The eyes give a good indication persons health including areas of weakness. It is all terribly interesting,

I'll try and write a few blog posts while I am away and pop some photos up on Instagram - probably on LeanneMorris_Naturopath rather than on CottageTails. (I'm still learning and playing on Instagram). I've two accounts as I don't think people who are interested in naturopathy are probably terribly interested in cats or quilts and visa versa. So I keep Cottage Tails as my personal hobby account. While trying to keep the naturopath feed health related,

If you are on Instagram let me know - it is my much prefered Social Media option.

I've closed the Farm Stay for Cats while I am away it will reopen Monday 18th April.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Autumn walnuts

 The walnuts are dropping and it looks like it is going to be a bumper crop. One aspect of the naturopathy study I keep going on huge rabbit trails and detective work is using food and herbs over supplements. Supplements have their place. But the more I learn about them and dig deep into what brands are better, what brands use synthetics over natural sources, the fillers that are added to the supplements all so the manufacturing of them can be done cheaper and quicker instead of cleaning the machines in between batches. The more I am becoming a supplement snob and prefer to not prescribe any synthetic brand loaded with fillers for my clients. I prefer clients spend their money on choosing food instead of reaching for synthetic supplements and often prescribe types of food and herbs to increase or add to their diet.

Walnuts are high in antioxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphates, a good source of B vitamins and E vitamins.

I hope you can find a walnut tree to go and gather some nuts, or better yet plan to plant a walnut tree. The Edible Garden catalogue usually comes out in April so maybe sign up for her email list so you can be notified when it is released.

FarmStay Guests..

Pinot was not impressed with me, we had played fishing with his toy mouse (he comes with some cool toys to stay), and tried to get a good photo for his family but he just wanted his mince.

Evie got right into her chin rub which I must say is quite skillful tickling her chin and getting a photo at the sametime.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Golden Egg

 James sorted out a car for the Demolition Derby and since it was an Easter meeting he painted his car golden and called it Golden Egg.
 All loaded ready for Palmerston North Stockcars

 After the last one, I have no plans to go and watch his antics - it is something most mothers don't actually enjoy seeing I think.... Their kids getting whacked around on the race track.
However,  it is in the blood - Brent used to race stock cars and likes to go with James and help out.
Brent said there was total destruction and chaos everywhere - and it was probably the best derby he has ever seen - There were over 100 cars in the event. James was one of the last 10 left still going, but it all ended with the trans blown, engine blown, front tyres shredded and every panel well and truly munted..... But it still steered good when tractor shoved it on the trailer!!! James was in high spirits when he arrived home and we will watch it on video today.

Farm Stay Guests.

Evie and Pinot had a visit from Stella the poodle. She is amazing and does not tease the cats but often wonders down to check up on the guests and then wanders back. It was a fluke I got a photo of her saying hello.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Protest voter

Kiwis have voted to retain the current flag.

A lot of people I had spoken to also used their vote for the change of the flag as a protest vote. I didn't waste my time on voting the first time which was all about choosing the design of a new flag. 
I was one of the 2,124,507 that did vote in the second round (67.3% of kiwis) which was voting to keep the existing flag or change the flag.
The referendum in my opinion turned more into politics rather than actually voting for a flag change,
What a total waste of New Zealand's money. $26 million dollars that is.

Before you yawn at another #flagchange story...We've got Guy Williams for Prime Minister & Gary McCormick going head to head to debate to try & convince you of their choices...MORE FM Si & Gary #storynz
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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Going Grey

 It is six years ago that I stopped putting any dye through my hair.

 I decided to just let nature take it's course and let my hair change colour with age (I'm now 51)

I kinda dig the little silver stripes and tease our teenage son he gives me many!

 The colour is getting lighter on the top of the head.

and underneath

I'm still quite dark at the back.

I've been adding to my going grey pinterest board for years other woman who are embracing the ageing process naturally.

Who else is going grey naturally?

Monday, 21 March 2016

Demolition Derby and Trucks (Bloke stuff)

 The cars got further dedorated at the track by the girls.

 James got to be in the front of the line up
 There were 42 cars in the demolition derby
 James got quite a few laps in and bashed and crashed into many cars, spun cars around and had a thoroughly grand time

 Alas his car stopped

 But he tells me a new radiator which he picked up on Sunday and charging the battery his car will be ready for another demolition event next weekend at Palmerston North.
 We started off with two wrecks at our place and now we have three. Apparently other boys mums are not thrilled with their wrecks being at their place so around they park them at our place where the boys gather to refix their cars. Brent and I don't mind teenage boys could be doing much worse and we have always encouraged our kids to keep themselves busy. I'm also the only mother that lets them use my vacuum cleaner to clean out the car glass ...... But I get a tad frustrated when I went to use it and had no suction due to a washer stuck sideways in the hose... BOYS!

BUT Would you like to be our neighbours?
Sunday the boys were off to the Gear Jammers Hot Rod show.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Farm Stay Guests..

 Omar says hi mum and dad.
 Man Sterling is super cute. Look at those panther cheeks.

 Once again getting a good photo of Coco is eluding me... Coco was more interested in peeking though looking at Beau and Sienna.

 Sienna doing rolly polly's in the sun,

Beau giving his handsome fella face.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Mack the Mastiff 17/6/2005 - 18/3/2016

Mack the Mastiff peacefully died this afternoon, at home in his sleep.
He was nearly 12 years old which is old for a Mastiff.

This is one of the last photos of Mack taken last night hanging out in the barn with the blokes 

This Saturday Night

The life of having a teenage boy  having land (AKA space to park the bombs), plus a barn is that their friends hang out here and have made such fun memories buying old cars, taking everything out of the cars (including the glass - can you imagine the mess?), build role cages and then painting them pink. This has been  so they can enter in this Saturday nights Stockcar Demolition Derby event, The boys have a team together (who might I add some chickened out painting their cars pink) and I've been enjoying listening to their strategy but not so much that if they can roll the cars they can win some money.....

If you are keen to go and watch the boys (they have some antics up their sleeve that I am sworn to secrecy) you can find the details here

Farmstay guests.
I forgot to take my camera with me today to the cattery shame as I would have loved to of recorded Sterling purring up a storm when he saw me. To think he was so shy on his first ever visit. Oh and Oma likes the diet nuts and food and Sterling likes Oma's food... I keep gently switching their bowls

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Yarn Along

Not much crocheting has happened this week. I'm burning the candle trying to get assignments finished before I head off to my very last naturopathy workshop. This one is for two weeks. It's just starting to hit me that I will be away for over two weeks...
 I get terribly homesick and I haven't left yet. 
The family said at least I will have some cows. 
I've hired a bach that is rural

I've just begun listening on audio to Me Before You. Have you read it? Did you enjoy it?

It has been made into a movie which looks super.

Farm Stay Guests...

All the photos of Coco on the camera are no good, man she wiggles about so much. I'm loving looking after Sterling, Omar and Coco they give me soo much attention and affection. I think I have any cat lover's dream life!