Thursday, 18 February 2016

Susan Branch

 Am I spoilt or what. My friend Kris from USA sent me heaps and heaps of Susan Branch books. Infact Kris introduced me to Susan Branch many years ago and started the trend of having a Susan Branch calendar on my kitchen wall every year (I haven't missed a year since). Don't yea just love the hand made card. I do! I've never met Kris in person. We met gosh over 16 years ago on the internet. Kris was also homeschooling her children and we have kept in touch all those years. She plans to come to New Zealand one day which is good as you won't get me on a plane in a hurry.

Heart of the Home was Susan Branch's first book and I was tickled pink to read her first ever book (I was up to 11.30pm reading and that is very late for me). I'm soo lucky to get my own copy especially with it being out of print, It is being rereleased this year for its 30th anniversary.

Susan Branch writes a blog have you visited it?

Blog readers who have followed us may remember my squeals of delight when I opened up my in box to find this email 4 years ago

 Hi Leanne!  This is Susan Branch, and guess WHAT?  I am so happy to write to tell you that Vanna chose your name -- out of the 1700 or so girlfriends who left me a comment, you are the LUCKY winner!  Makes me so happy to send my Autumn book to New Zealand.  How exciting!  Please write me when you can, I'd like your whole name, so I can write it in your book and please tell me where you would like it sent.

Happy Friday Leanne!! xoxo Susan  

And  over on her  blog post she called out MY name!!!!

OH, it’s a NEW ZEALANDER!!  How fun, this is our first person from another country!  Her name is LEANNE!!  And she doesn’t have Autumn yet!  Are you out there Leanne?  If so, look in your email box, you have a message from me!!!

Farm Stay Guest.

Doesn't Indigo just look like she owns the place. She sure has made herself at home which is how we like it to be.


  1. I'm so glad that you have all of those books now!!! Love, Kris, your USA friend

  2. I'm so glad that you have all of those books now!!! Love, Kris, your USA friend

  3. I look at her blog because of you Leanne, so sweet and so talented. What a lovely surprise to receive all of her beautiful books. What a wonderful friend.

    Julie and Poppy Q