Monday, 8 February 2016

Movie time

We went and saw the movie The Danish Girl, I had not read the book (written by David Ebershoff) as Abbey had suggested I didn't after she read it. There are quite a few parts in the book that made her want to put it down, so she knew it wouldn't be for me.

As for the movie I found the story quite flat, there was no chemistry between the actors and I'm really surprized that Eddie Redmayne got nominated for an Oscar for his part something I can't quite work out why, yes he looked beautiful dressed as a woman, but as a female, his dialogue was all in whispers, A 3/5 movie rating from me.

If you are interested in the real story that the book and movie is based on here's a good article by the Telegraph

Farm Stay Guests

Pinot doing a spot of sunbathing. Our summer has turned into a hot one - long may it last I say who is a sun lover.

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