Tuesday, 2 February 2016


  The wheel is turning again.Lughnasad (Lammas) a celebration of the first harvest. The traditional date in the Southern Hemisphere is February 2nd, but the exact date is on the 4th this year. The garden is starting to be quite prolific, daily we are eating fresh beans (thankfully family members on AIP have been able to tolerate them in a reintroduction). Fresh kale and zucchini from Abbey's garden. The black Doris plum tree has given us plenty. We have picked them early to beat the birds! Eggs are not being eaten in our home due to AIP (autoimmune protocol diet) which is being used as an elimination diet to see just what foods are triggering unwellness. (I've had a few clients now with AIP for my naturopath case studies and feel I've learnt this inside out - so amazing how the body can begin to heal itself with diet). The hens are laying well so friends are being gifted with eggs when they go home as eggs as of yet have not been reintroduced in the diet. Wheat, gluten, grains, eggs, dairy and alcohol are all excluded from our diet at the moment. Because these foods most often trigger autoimmune reactions.

It was a fabulous day on Sunday for a bike ride. However we picked the wrong time and route as was greeted along the track by 220 humans and 146 dogs as there was a fundraiser for Huha with a Paws in the Park day out. What a fantastic turnout for Huha.
I sure am loving these sunny summer days!
 Farm Stay Guests.

Basil and Sammy were the supervisors last night as the strawberries were picked - yep we are still getting a bumper crop. What an amazing season for strawberries. The netting sure has saved them from the birds... next to protect is the grapes. The boys enjoyed being chatted to from the strawberry patch and we all have quite a big conversation. I often wonder what they are actually saying....


  1. this makes me look forward to harvest. those plums look wonderful!

  2. Have a blessed day. Yes the garden was very generous this year. Let's hope the winter garden is just as prolific

  3. Beautiful yummy produce! Happy Lammas to you too Leanne!