Friday, 5 February 2016

Hello - Goodbye

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Downton Abbey years. Rather sad it has all finished.
I enjoyed the costumes and laughed at so many of the quips from Countess Dowager . Maggie Smith was just perfect in her role.

Are you a Downton fan too?

Farm Stay Guests....

 Hello to Pinot who is back for his summer holiday. He has been on a D I E T. I hope his family do not weigh him after staying here.... Cottage Tails Farm Stay is no diet spa (which I'm sure Pinot is pleased about)

Goodbye to Sammy and Basil. I'm off to the airport tomorrow morning to put them on their flight to Auckland. They are off to their new home while their mum works on a new movie. I've really enjoyed looking after them. Such wonderful boys, whom I'm sure will be looking forward to being back sleeping in their bed with their mum again tomorrow night.

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