Sunday, 21 February 2016

Guess where I am.

 I'm busy working away on the computer on my assignments when I get DING a Facebook message has arrived. It's from my friend Pam in Australia sending me lots of photos. And saying "guess where I am"?
She was at Maggie Beer's Farm  SQUEAL!!!! What fun. So I'm messaging back to my friend for her to get a photo with her and Maggie...

And the crazy fun friend that I have did.
(Don't you think the apricot colour suits Pam)
Us girls have been following the Australian Masterchef and loved seeing Maggie and her mystery box. 

Farm Stay Guests...

Indigo is quite nosy, she inspected my cleaning and that the next room was all set up just right for Ella arriving Sunday afternoon. I think her tail says it all.

NB The farm stay will be closed from 31st March until 16th April as I'm back to New Plymouth for my final naturopath workshop. Can you believe the end is insight for all this study?


  1. How gorgeous was that herb garden...swoon... and that poor peacock had lost his mate to a fox the week before so he was very sad. So fun to share it with you. xx

    1. oooh the poor peacock. Would loved to have walked in the herb garden. You MIGHT get me on a plane to visit here.