Friday, 26 February 2016

Farm Stay Guests.

 Milo smooching the mince container
 oops Milo knocked the spoon on the ground and then he had to jump off the shelf to check it out.
I bet he wished it was the mince container...
 Putting the camera through the cat flap to see what the other boys are up to.
 Just Muddy on the chairs
 Down pops Muddy to say hello.
 Charles has claimed the indoor igloo as his bed. I always enjoy watching the cats find where they choose to sleep and offer as many options as I can in each run.
 Charles in full holiday mode.
 The boys are so friendly, they always come out for a pat and chat when one of us comes down to the cattery.
As for Miss Ella! She bit my leg, more of a love bite like her grandma Briar Rose used to do, but she caught me unaware. I had been patting her and I think she got all excited (Rosemary used to do this something shocking and Muddy who is staying at the moment does it too). It's quite fun seeing all the relative personalities come out in the cats.

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