Wednesday, 17 February 2016

An awesome fun day wagging school.

 The morning was spent catching up with fellow naturopaths who have or are still studying at the same college with me. I'm so lucky to have these lovely ladies to connect with. Each one of us has no ego issues, there is no competition between us that we are all going to be naturopaths living in the same area. We all can see our own individual different strengths and interests, all going down different paths but also similar. We all believe there is a real need for natural healing to be more in the community and clients will be drawn to us usually because of who we are or because of our own health journeys of why we trained to be naturopaths in the first place.

We met at Ruth Pretty's and look at my beautiful herbal tea (lemon verbena) there were lots of ooohs and ahhhs of how pretty it looked. We had a wonderful morning sitting in the sun sipping tea and sharing. I feel really blessed to have such lovely woman in my life.

Lunch time Brent emailed me a photo of a large parcel of BOOKS (do you all know yet how much I love books?) that a friend from USA had sent me. I had to wait until late evening to open... tomorrow I'll share what was inside. I was up till 11.30pm (way past my bed time) reading.

Late afternoon another group of friends gathered at Shoreline movie theatre for a friends birthday. Shoreline has a little cafe so we met early before the movie and chatted, then again after the movie.
A great chick flick where friends needed tissues.

Today there is no galavanting about, no wagging of school. It is back to the books. I've nearly finished my naturopath research assignment on menopause. My nest research assignment is on food allergies/intolerances.

Farm Stay Guests...

Sorry no photos of Indigo - Abbey looked after her yesterday for me and couldn't believe how much Indigo loved her cat milk. (I put a video up on Facebook/Instagram hope you saw it she was quite chatty telling me all about it.)


  1. that tea looks soooo good! i really want to see that movie!

    1. Lemon verbena is soo refreshing. I suppose you would have trouble growing it with it dying in your cold winters?