Sunday, 28 February 2016

Weekend Away

 The private jetty with kayak and even a dingy for two is available to use.

The stream at the end of the garden would be perfect for whitebait season.

Lots of eels in the stream... Here's the first one to arrive.
 We enjoyed feeding the eels... Six big fat fellas visited.

And big kids that we are, we enjoyed the swing.

The bach (aka 3 bedroom house is located at Otaki Beach. Once the gates are shut you feel like you are totally private and rural. The owners give fantastic instructions on how to get there and that they are on really good terms with the neighbours, who waved out and were really friendly but also left us to be private. We never heard a peep from the neighbours.

 The bach had everything anyone would want, including a great BBQ 

 Even a bath
 I claimed the couch by the window and read.... No internet and no phone was bliss, No school work was taken, I just relaxed and read. (read 3 books) something I haven't done in a long time - doing nothing was just what we needed.

 There is even a telescope which I would have loved to use but our nights were cloudy.

This bach would be perfect in Winter with the fire roaring.

 Look even a dishwasher. A Fisher & Paykel one at that (an oldie which is solid and not full of plastic). I bet it has lasted longer than 3 years. (Like our last TWO only did)

 Even a bread maker with flour and yeast for folks that eat wheat. The pantry was really well stocked with everything you would need.

A kitchen with stove (we like to cook our own meals so always try and find a bach with a kitchen)

 This is the first bach we have used where you take your own linen, I took even quilts.
(the bed was really comfy)

The back yard.

It is not far at all to Otaki Beach.

The bach listing can be found here on book a bach $130 per night for up to 2 people. Extra occupants: Adults $20/night, children $15/night.
It has three bedrooms (can sleep 6) and would be an awesome place to take older children for a holiday.
The bach was comfortable, private and really clean. The owner was awesome re arrival and departure times - we could arrive on the Friday at 10am and a late departure on Sunday at 3pm. 5/5 from us.

Thanks to Abbey for looking after Cottage Tails Farmstay for cats, she had taken over the Instagram and Facebook page for me and captured some great photos.
 Thank you to everyone who liked and interacted with her postings.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Farm Stay Guests.

 Milo smooching the mince container
 oops Milo knocked the spoon on the ground and then he had to jump off the shelf to check it out.
I bet he wished it was the mince container...
 Putting the camera through the cat flap to see what the other boys are up to.
 Just Muddy on the chairs
 Down pops Muddy to say hello.
 Charles has claimed the indoor igloo as his bed. I always enjoy watching the cats find where they choose to sleep and offer as many options as I can in each run.
 Charles in full holiday mode.
 The boys are so friendly, they always come out for a pat and chat when one of us comes down to the cattery.
As for Miss Ella! She bit my leg, more of a love bite like her grandma Briar Rose used to do, but she caught me unaware. I had been patting her and I think she got all excited (Rosemary used to do this something shocking and Muddy who is staying at the moment does it too). It's quite fun seeing all the relative personalities come out in the cats.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Full Moon

Once again I enjoyed the Full Moon on Tuesday night, it was a bit cloudy but I got a peek.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Farwell. RIP. Good Riddance.

 Good Riddance to ANOTHER Fisher and Paykel dishwasher that once again only lasted just over 3 years. REALLY! (oh and has been repaired twice in that time frame). This time I have purchased a new dishwasher and paid for extended warranty giving me the safety of a dishwasher that SHOULD last 6 years or if not and it breaks the warranty is for a replacement with a new dishwasher.
 Farewell to our Tabitha (do you also name your cars too?) Brent and James were in a car accident last week, they got hit in the rear while stationary at a round about. The girl who hit them acknowledged that she was at fault. Thankfully everyone was fine, but poor old Tabitha has been written off.... She has been a great car and its a real shame as shes still got real low Ks and the plan was to keep her for another few years yet.

 RIP to my old faithful Iphone (Iphone 3) - had this for years and years and has only recently not been able to hold the charge on the battery for a day. I can not complain she is pretty old and been a really great phone.
James has a friend whose partner has updated her phone after only a few months... So I brought her old Samsung. I have no idea yet what I am doing, but rather thrilled that when I am out walking I'll be able to take photos with the camera on the phone. (feel a bit disloyal to Apple but for $200 I can't go wrong)

Farm Stay Guest
Ella tucking into her dinner - far too busy for a photo.(I'll try and take her photo tomorrow on my new phone - now that will be flash)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Guess where I am.

 I'm busy working away on the computer on my assignments when I get DING a Facebook message has arrived. It's from my friend Pam in Australia sending me lots of photos. And saying "guess where I am"?
She was at Maggie Beer's Farm  SQUEAL!!!! What fun. So I'm messaging back to my friend for her to get a photo with her and Maggie...

And the crazy fun friend that I have did.
(Don't you think the apricot colour suits Pam)
Us girls have been following the Australian Masterchef and loved seeing Maggie and her mystery box. 

Farm Stay Guests...

Indigo is quite nosy, she inspected my cleaning and that the next room was all set up just right for Ella arriving Sunday afternoon. I think her tail says it all.

NB The farm stay will be closed from 31st March until 16th April as I'm back to New Plymouth for my final naturopath workshop. Can you believe the end is insight for all this study?