Thursday, 21 January 2016

Moon Garden

The cosmos are flowering
And the sweet peas. I've forgotten the name of them wedding something ...they sure are pretty.

I didn't snap any photos on Monday as a storm was rolling into town. I got just enough time to feed the cats and tuck them up before BOOM thunder, lightening and heavy rain arrived.  Tuesday Brent & I were at appointments and James kindly fed and cared for all the animals for me. Yep the sheep. geese and chicken all get fed at the same time as the cats. Funny how the animals all know when dinner time is... 

Farm Stay Guests...

Cat's tails speak volumes - Molly and Bella both have lovely long happy looking tails don't they.
Molly has been my mate for weeks. Bella has finally decided to give me some real affection instead of just tolerating me (she is loyal to her owners, not like Molly who moved on). Saying that Bella is all over Brent when he visits.

Charles and Muddy all tucked up in their log cabin did not appreciate their afternoon snooze being  interrupted for some photos.
Milo however seems to hear me walk down to the cattery every time. He is so vocal just like his mum Caro was and gives me lovely welcomes. This was the best snap I got as he moves about at a terribly fast pace weaving in and out of my legs.

It is Portia's first time staying here and was a tad weary of the paparazzi... but gosh she has only been here since lunch time so we will give her a little longer to settle in. Portia is an SPCA cat found wondering around the Hutt. she looks like she has some burmese/mandalay in her. Lucky girl to of found such a loving new home.

Welcome back Pi. He remembers me and it is terribly wonderful to see him again 
And also Bruno who also lives with Pi and Portia. 

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