Thursday, 14 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I've had feedback that folks are missing the blog posts so thought I'd do a post of what has been happening. Lots actually its been a whirl wind time.

 I'm missing summer sitting inside doing study. Finished a HUGE assignment, so big that the tutors eyes bulged when she saw the amount of work I had submitted. (one tutor gave me feed back that I go into too much detail). I'm loving year 3 of the naturopath studies. So much of year 1 & 2 all comes together and man there is soooo much to learn and retain, My brain does seemed to be quite fried by the end of the day ... I wonder if the younger folk find this??

Have you found me on Instagram yet? I must admit it has felt weird just doing posts of cats. New people stumbling onto Cottage Tails on Instagram would think I am just a crazy cat lady. It feels odd just posting cat photos as I have so many interests. Plus it must be a tad boring just looking at cats all the time (unless it is your cat). So I'm planning to sprinkle in more of my hobbies in the feed such as yarn, quilting and books. is where I post photos relevant to being a naturopath student 

I've finished listening to Room by Emma Donoghue - Fab book! It is being made into a movie DO NOT watch any of the trailers before reading the book as it has spoilers. Have you read it? Did you enjoy it too? I'm looking forward to the movie. Emma Donoghue wrote the screen play so I think it will be true to the book. (I hope)

 A friend had a baby so I posted off the Milo I had knitted and these super cute watermelon pants from Little Mint Boutique which have the most adorable baby clothes.

 Brent has been working on the Pick up Truck.... Not long to go now and we will be trucking around New Zealand.

 The garden is bountiful - no sore tummies yet from all the fruit.

 My Moon garden is super fun! We have had a few bush baths amongst the white poppies and the scent of the lily drifting past the nose was decadent under the stars and moonlight.

Farm Stay

The three boys Charles, Milo and Muddy are back to visit giving the girls Molly and Bella some new lads to look at. I need to take photos in the afternoon light so there is not so much shadow.

Hope 2016 is starting off wonderful for you all.

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  1. Happy New Year - your flowers and those plums look great. My wonderful plum tree flowered this year and promptly died.

    1. eeek your poor plum tree. We are still waiting for the black doris to fruit

  2. Happy New Year Leanne! Your plums are very tempting....our louisa plums are just starting to ripen.

    1. let the plum war begin. We are not sick of them yet

  3. Happy New Year to you Leanne and all the family. Love the picture of Stella on the truck - awesome. Enjoy the lovely weather.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. stella photo bomb aye she is an awesome dog. So glad you all talked us into getting her. I believe its a tad windy in town today

  4. I've missed you! Mind you I can't really say much as I have been absent from Blogland for soooooo long.
    Glad you are back and all is well.

    1. Awe thanks... but it has been nice being away from the computer. It feels like I live on it with all the study. Maybe once a week blog posts????