Monday, 25 January 2016

Full Moon

 The Full Moon in January (in the Southern Hemisphere) is known as the Wort Moon. 

Wort is an old Anglo Saxon name for herb.

 January is summer in New Zealand and is the main month for herbs to be harvested. I'll be crazily saving my poppy seeds today as they are ready to be harvested.

Farm Stay Guests.
I put up some videos of the cats last night on Instagram and Facebook. Many of the families tell me they prefer the blog but I can't for the life of me remember how to put videos from my camera or Ipad to the blog. 

 The three boys who we fondly call the bogans. Charles, Milo and Muddy

Next minute... Typical burmese brotherly love.

Portia enjoying a snooze in the sun

 Next  minute.... Pi decides to annoy... Oh sorry family I just worked out I didn't get a photo of Bruno.
he is in a video hope you can see that.

Beau and Sienna keeping watch on Bruno, Pi and Portia.

and Basil. 


  1. i couldn't see the full moon. it was too cloudy! those poppies are beautiful!

    1. it was cloudy here too but she peeked out. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers.

  2. When you're posting, click on the little icon next to the picture icon that looks like a movie with film under it, and you can upload short videos, like 10 seconds. Any longer and they take forever, or just don't load.