Saturday, 23 January 2016

Full House

 The cattery is full to the brim with five cat families. I'm very pleased that I was able to accommodate everyone. I've had phone calls such as - "eek we have sold our house can the cats come to you while we move and get all settled in the new house", and "I've a new job and we have to relocate to Auckland, can you have the cats until I find a house away from the roads"
So a bit of juggling around and buying some new furniture I've fitted everyone in - well it is what you do for family isn't it. All of the cats are related.

 Drat I was too slow. Molly and Bella have spent most of their days tucked up together under the quilt . I try and try to snap them snuggled up together but they always get down to greet me when I open their door. Friendly girls they are,
 Basil claimed the scratching post
 Sammy claimed the igloo. It's quite plush and comfy - I brought all new pillows to go underneath the blankets and it's been a hit for the cats - nice and comfy.

 Brent and I have been watching Portia and we are really wondering if she might just be one of our cats, She dunks her head just like a lot of the ebony cats from our Cinders/Lordy line do. I do wonder.
 Pi is moving just too fast for a photo.
 Hello says Bruno
 Beau hanging out on the scratching pole.
 Sienna was tucked up under the quilt tent I've just pulled it open for a little peek.

 Charles who is quite insistent that he gets up when he wants to not when I ask him to. He is the last one out of bed every morning. I do wonder what time he gets up at home?
 Muddy watching the sheep

Milo photos give an example of what my camera shots look like most days.


  1. The cats all look happy I am sure they know they are back to where they came from, like distant home.

    1. The cats that visit often really seem to remember me. It is really fun seeing all the different traits in the cats that our adult (breeding) cats do.

  2. Beautiful cats! I love your set-up!

    1. Thanks, its a nice hobby - so relaxing getting to sit and pat the cats.