Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Sunny Summers day

  YEA Summer has arrived we had a smashing sunny Sunday. With all the road works in Kapiti going on I just do not enjoy biking on the road. I always appreciate it when one of the boys loads the bikes on the back of the truck and off we go for a ride.

 I'd have spent all day outside if I could - but study is making me sit indoors on the laptop. I'm quite enjoying learning about interpreting blood tests and really getting into this book, which is a compulsory book for the naturopathy studies.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Bruno, Pi and Portia left to go to their new home. Their family had unpacked all the boxes from their move and everything was just right for the cats to go to their new home. Stella thought that was great as she gets to help eat the left over cat nuts. For some reason the dogs quite fancy cat nuts.

Sam and Basil have moved into the indoor/outdoor run and were having such a grand time being patted by Brent last night that I forgot to take their photos.

 Sienna and Beau whom seem to spend all day squabbling (in friendly terms)
over who is going to sit the highest on the scratching pole

 shhhhh Muddy is asleep.

 So was Charles until Milo jumped on him.

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  1. Hope the rain doesn't last too long now, I love the sunshine and warmth better. All the cats look happy.