Saturday, 19 December 2015


Ok I've had some feedback that some of our readers do not "do" facebook or Instagram BUT they do have an Iphone or an Ipad.

If you have an Iphone or an Ipad it is time to get with it - smile!

Instagram is super fun once you get your head around it - and super fast.
As Brent would say "None of this shit is hard once you start dabbling with it"

Let me try and help you get on Instagram.

First you need to down loan an "AP" from Itunes - it is free. Below is the direct link
If you know a teenager they can help you as this part is probably the hardest of all.

Once you have your App on the phone you need to make an Instagram account and a profile.(you can have a private profile and just be a lurker aka  that means just look at everybody else's stuff and never show anything of yours).

This lady shows it quite well. If you have a Facebook account just sign in with that.

This lady describes how to actually use Instagram and what all the buttons mean.

Next is finding people (or accounts) to "Follow"

I have two accounts on Instagram  "CottageTails" (my personal account) and leannemorris_naturopath - (which is about herbs, food, health and lifestyle). So there is two accounts you can follow.

I've rather eclectic tastes on who I follow - I've soo many interests. Once in one of my accounts click on "following" button and you can see some of the people/accounts I enjoy.

For example....
charlotte_annefidler shares beautiful photos of her cottage and her maine coon cats. I adore the photos she shares of her cats looking out windows.

beelori1 is a beautiful quilter I enjoy following and plan to make her Farm Girl Vintage quilt next year..

katedaviesdesigns lives in Scotland and shares photos of around Loch Lomond and the West Highlands She has over come some pretty heavy stuff life has thrown at her click here to read her story.

kensingtonroyal shares first released photos.

That is just a quick sample of things I like to follow - again click on my profiles and you will see all the other accounts I enjoy.

Now once you have got an Instagram account you can "follow" me and start double tapping my photos and videos to say you have enjoyed /liked what I've posted.

Any questions ask away I will try and answer.


  1. I haven't really caught up with the whole instagram thing yet - I do have a tablet but really only use it when I'm on holiday - haha how often is that!! I have heard though that it is quick and easy to use so maybe I need to investigate...!

    1. I look forward to seeing you join Instagram. It is like mini blogging.

  2. Wow . . . I love that photo of that tree in the water!

    1. she takes stunning photos on her daily walks.