Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blogging Break

Thanks to all who have emailed us to see if everything is ok since there has been no blogging. I've just been on a blogging break.

I've been learning Instagram and love it - find it soo much faster than blogging. So much so that yesterday I made an account for Cottage Tails.
I just need Abbey to help me connect it to Cottage Tails's Facebook page and it's all go.
Brent lets me use his Ipad and it is soo fast to take a photo or video and then a push of a button to share. So quick. People interact too so you get little likes (hearts).

I think owners of cats staying here will love to see little videos of their cats while they are away. I know I would. So that is what I am planning to do for the coming busy season over Christmas. Just click the above links to follow us on Instagram/Facebook.

My Moon garden which I planted with hundreds of white poppy's developed purple poppies. I just knew I had saved the white poppy seeds correctly. I blame the birds for dropping purple seeds in the white garden. They are too pretty to pull out. White poppies are just starting to open out and should be fully out for when everyone drops off their cats so they can see them too.

The temperature has been rather cool here - we are still having a fire at night - soo unusual for December. With this in mind I just know the three bogans (cats) that stay here every Christmas will need to be inside the cattery at night time. (They are getting old too).  I asked Brent to block off the attic area in the cattery so they (and other cats that stay) can't get up there. The cats actually love jumping across from side to side but it takes me ages to coach them down. A huge game for the cats! I'm quite the party spoiler aren't I. Brent will finish it today and then it is time to set up the cattery for Christmas busy time. All litter, cat nuts and meat have been brought so I am ready and looking forward to having cats back to stay. It's a lovely part of my day sitting down patting the cats, very relaxing indeed.


  1. it seems we've traded seasons. it is so hot and awful here. i don't do facebook or instagram. i can't wait to see your moon garden. are any white poppies growing? at night the purple ones will mostly disappear.

  2. Yep there is one white poppy just opening up you might see it in the photo at the top centre. it going to look pretty aye.
    I wonder how many other blog readers don't do instagram. I don;t know where we will put up a xmas tree this year as the space still has the wood box. Both the kids don't want a tree this year....

  3. If you link will the Instagram posts appear on fb?

    1. Yes, when linked up what ever get put on Instagram you can click for it to go to FB too (same company I believe?) Super fast way to see videos.

  4. Glad you are doing well! Have a wonderful holiday :) Kit