Saturday, 7 November 2015

Spring babies

 The lambs are all thriving and growing well.

 The little gosling is well protected by Gus and Geraldine, it always walks in between them.

 The paradise ducks returned to the pond - gosh they have grown since I took their photo in October. 

The Mallard ducks brought their ducklings back to our pond and kicked up a huge ding of quacking when the hawk was circling.  It has been a wet winter and spring, never before have we had two ponds in our bottom paddock that have lasted this long.

As for our chicken eggs, the old black hen is still sitting on them - so in 2 weeks time we hopefully will have chicks. Fingers crossed for a rooster!

Farm Stay Guests.

As Leonardo and Bella are the only cats staying at the moment I've opened up both runs for them to come and go in.

With Guy Fawkes being 5th November, I'm thankful there has been no fireworks let off close to our place.  Tonight being a clear Saturday night we are prepared for no doubt some to be let off around the area. Personally I'd rather fireworks were let off one night in a public display rather than families letting them off over a few nights.... animals really don't like all the loud bangs.


  1. I love all the animals and babies. But, at first I was confused by so many babies. Then, I realized you were in the Southern hemisphere.

  2. Everyone looks happy in the spring sun. Still a bit too chilly at night for my liking.

    I am with you on the fireworks. In the UK each council would have a bonfire and display for locals as well as the big London ones and ones on New Years. In Hamilton, the local school would do some as a fundraiser which was good. Like you I hate that they go off for night after night, especially round here as there are lots of students, although not as intense as previous years.

    Julie and Poppy Q