Saturday, 14 November 2015

More Geese

 Four Canadian geese landed in our paddock yesterday. A first for the 15 years we have lived here.

 They upset the new family
 Thankfully the intruders flew off.

Farm Stay Guests.

 The sun finally came out in the afternoon - my goodness it has been cold here, The cats have had hotties during the day and us girls had the fire on inside. The cold snap really caught us out and we lost one sheep after it was shorn. It was one of last years lambs that didn't have any lambs. A bit sad really. We can't remember ever having fires still so late in November.

Beau and Sienna have arrived for a few days. So staying here at the moment we have Beau and Bella who are the seal Burmese and Sienna and Leonardo the ebony Mandalay's.


  1. The visitors must have made for some interesting viewing for the cats!