Thursday, 5 November 2015


 I always seem to get an impostor in the Moon Garden,,, a pink foxglove has decided to bloom....
I feel like the Queen of Hearts... "off with the head" ... I'll transplant it in the weekend.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Big purrs and cuddles from Evie last night,

 Leonardo just wanted his dinner rather than posing for his photo.
Bella only wanted to sleep in the log cabin yesterday and it was freezing! I popped a hottie in and she was happy as.

Apparently Bella is the most popular pet name in New Zealand.


  1. Replies
    1. I know here I am trying to have an organised garden for once......

  2. The pink foxglove is beautiful. I'd leave it. It's good to have at least one diva to show up the rest----keep them on their toes.

    1. Yes very pretty, but no it will be moved - only white flowers in this patch. I've hundreds of poppy plants growing - they better all turn out white...