Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Getting ready for Summer

 Time for a haircut

 Each year I always think I'd like to learn to dye and spin wool from our sheep...

 Ewe and lamb, The lambs only get a bit of a shave around their bottoms each year.

Farm Stay Guests.
Bella and Leonardo having a scratch up. They have loved having access to the full run of the place having both runs opened up. Hope their mum is enjoying sunshine we have rain again and the fire is on tonight. This means I am still heating up hotties for all the cats.


  1. i have always wanted to learn how to spin wool. are you sending yours out to be made into yarn?

    1. Yep on my list of things I want to do is learn to spin.... (I have many). We have a deal with our shearer he gets the wool and he keeps what he gets for it. Plus we give a koha for his time and skill to shear the sheep. Saves Brent a job.Texel wool is usually used for carpets so I'd have to raise different sheep for spinning. mmmm then I might need an alpaca, angora rabbit or ooooh an angora goat.... The fun I will have when study is over....

  2. I would be thrilled to be there and watch the shearing! How exciting :)