Sunday, 1 November 2015


Lots of progress in the barn.... After 33 years of not been on the road, the old pickup truck is nearly finished. Just the well side and rear guards left to paint and fit, plus wiring to do. 

 Brent broke this truck showing off to me as a teenager driving up and down my driveway where I was flatting.(PC Description... Use some imagination here)

 He decided to strip it down and rebuild it.... And then life got in the way as it does....

First drive on public roads in 33 years.... Run out of gas down the road.  (to all our cop friends you didn't read that ok)

Farm Stay Guests...
 Evie likes to be tucked up in her igloo on her dad's jumper with her hottie. (oh  and she likes Jimbo's beef and kidney mince)

 I tend not to encourage cats to interact as much - however Pancho and Evie are quite fond of each other.
 Pancho likes to blow Evie a little kiss.

mmm this photo tends to imply hes a bit bashful but that is not the case at all.


  1. Great looking truck! :) Kit

    1. Brent has done a wonderful job rebuilding it and the paint is so glossy you could just about use it as a mirror

  2. Love the truck story, some happy memories for you and Brent.

    1. yep nd really looking forward to making new ones travelling around New Zealand in it

  3. are you going to go "parking" now?