Monday, 23 November 2015


 Brent and James took Abbey to the Elton John concert. They said it was fantastic!

I was hoping for a little rooster which we were going to name Elton. Abbey chose the name and dont yea just think it is perfect for a little araucana rooster.
The raising of the eggs has not been a success. The old girl sat and cared for the 9 eggs for 3 weeks so we were all very hopeful.
Last weekend 2 eggs just disappeared. Brent looked for clues of rats or ferrets nothing. So quite a mystery. 
The poor old foster mum got badly dealt to by one of the other hens and she lost most of her comb very traumatic to witness! One sure can understand where the term hen pecked comes from.

Saturday the eggs began hatching. Three chicks died, The foster mum took two chicks out for a walk and the little grey chick was doing really well  but wibbly wobbly and the black one seemed to be thriving. Two eggs had gone cold. 

Brent and James transferred the foster mum and chicks to a pen of their own (in hindsight we should maybe of done this sooner??). At this stage the little grey chick was weak - we did witness the mother hen just sit on the chicks no matter what position the chicks were in. It is the first time the mumma hen has ever raised any chicks.

I don't want to look this morning in the nest.... but hope the two chicks left are still there and wouldn't it be wonderful if the other two eggs hatch.

 Mother Laura and daughter Maji (aka blue puss)

I've no Farm Stay Guests here now until mid December so cat lovers, photos of cats will be thin on the blog news. I did get a few photos of our cats helping me in the garden. They are terribly hard to get to stay still for a photo.


  1. So wonderful they got to see Elton. My hubby and youngest got to see him when he came to our town. They said it was a great show. Bummer about the chicks. So hard to watch. I watch Osprey chicks each year and sometimes mother nature can be rather harsh. Kit

  2. How awesome about them going to see Elton John! I went to one of his concerts waaaay back in the late 70's/early 80's...he was amazing then and I bet still just as good! Fingers and toes crossed you get some chicks xo

  3. It's amazing to think Brent & I grew up with Elton John and so did the kids. Many of his songs Abbey learned on the piano. Ye nature is as it is. Terribly sad but the mother wasn't the best and kept standing, digging the chicks up and she lost all of them. Too sad to watch,

  4. i like elton john but don't listen to him too much. he sure is talented though! i hope some of the chicks make it!

    1. I tend to have no music on - but then when band practice is here with teenagers i am forced to listen to music including the neighbours who never mind. But the kids are putting out some great sounds. I'm not once for concerts personally so enjoyed a very rare evening on my own which was lovely. Sadly no chicks survived. The research I did was that heavier breeds are often useless mums and ours was rather lacking in mothering skills. She is happy as back with other hens and even laid an egg today... go figure! So no Elton rooster for us SOB.