Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Art Exhibition

 Opening night of the art exhibition was on Sunday evening. We all went along to see James's display of his metal guitars and other music related art work.

 His chain microphone and tractor seat chair for his drums.

 James on the drums

 And on guitars.
I can't seem to remember how to put videos from my camera onto the blog. But I can get them to facebook from the Ipad which is connected to another page (man this techno stuff does my head in). If you want to see the videos click here....

 The other artists that are also in the exhibition.
It is on for two weeks if you want to pop in and have a look.

Farm Sty Guests.

Welcome back to Pancho - he had a busy day watching the antics of us girls and all the critters. One lamb decided to get out of the fenced paddock and us girls had a merry time getting it back in. Then the gosling decided to go swimming in the water trough and couldn't get out. Pancho was either scared for us girls as the parent geese tried to attack us while we were saving their gosling. Or Pancho would of been laughing his head off. Either way huge amount of excitement for him to watch.


  1. james is such a talented guy! and very handsome too!

  2. Interesting to see James' display and the exhibition - well done themn, hope it goes well for them. Pancho sounds like he has quite an entertaining life at your place :-)

    1. It's great seeing kids doing what they love aye

  3. Pancho the Handsome! Exciting times for James and proud moments for you as parents. Love the rustic display.

    1. LOL rustic display from iron in the bottom paddock - another artist did graffiti art on some too.