Friday, 6 November 2015

All tucked up

 The strawberry bed is all netted and fully safe from birds.

 A mother blackbird was frustrated trying to get to the strawberries. She used the netting as a trampoline, hopped on the ground and tried to find a way under the netting. Brent has done a wonderful job netting the strawberry bed for me totally bird safe.
Strawberries are one of the Dirty Dozen foods that are best purchased organic due to all the sprays used. Growing your own organic strawberries taste better by far too.

Farm Stay Guests.
 It's a tad hard giving treats and taking a photo at the same time. Evie looks forward to treat time.

 And loves the scratch around the ear.

 Hello from Bella
 Leonardo and Bella popped outside via the cat flap
 to supervise James weed eating.The plastic is another tunnel I hope to get up this weekend to plant out the tomatoes. It is still too cold here to plant the tomatoes straight in the ground without the warmth of the plastic tunnel.
My garlic (150+) bulbs are in the background and are coming along well.

Leonardo and Bella keeping an eye on James.

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  1. i could probably plant tomatoes here right now it is so hot. where is my fall? the birds found a way under my netting last year and ate most of my strawberries.