Monday, 2 November 2015

A new rooster?

 Clara who is so old turned clucky... After I took her eggs I wondered if I might try her on some fertile eggs.
 I've been wanting a rooster again for like forever! Plus I've always fancied some green or blue eggs so googled araucana chickens and found a heritage breeder - made contact and yes she had some fertile eggs. Sunday morning we were off to get some eggs.

 Abbey liked the silkies so we got three eggs off the silkies.

 Blue/green eggs are the araucana's (this line has the green gene) and the white/cream eggs are the silkies.
Home we came with nine eggs - lets hope I get one araucana rooster. I'm gonna do my best to raise the rooster as tame as my old Rory Rooter was.

 We marked the cream eggs so they wouldn't get mixed up with any eggs the girls are actually laying. I was a tad mindful that I maybe shouldn't have removed the eggs from Clara the day before and that she might have gone off the lay.

Oh my goodness could you imagine the joy I got when I peeked into the chicken coop to find the eggs had two new mums!

Now we wait 21 days to see what happens......

Farm Stay Guests....

Evie and Pancho had a pedicure from Brent and Abbey - Evie had looooong nails and poor poppet shook through the whole ordeal. Both Abbey and Brent commented on her lovely markings on the underside of her feet. Pancho was a good boy getting his nails clipped this visit - on a previous visit he gave Abbey a little nip. Brent said Pancho has one foot that he is a bit precious about getting touched.


  1. how wonderful! this is so exciting! i love araucana eggs!

    1. me too! I am looking forward to hearing a rooster crow in the mornings again and getting green and blue eggs.

  2. How exciting. I hope you get lots of babies. Wish one of my chooks would get clucky. Oh well maybe one day I'll get some babies to raise

    1. So far the black one is still sitting... we joked she is soo old she might cark it while sitting (hope not). First time we had chicks they all were all roosters, Was so sad for James when he was young. 2nd time only 1 hatched and we still have broadie.