Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A gosling

 Sunday Gus and Geraldine's gosling hatched.

 Proud Geraldine.
We knew it must have been coming close to hatching time as while Geraldine has been sitting on her nest (under the blackberry bush) Gus was away from the nest down in the paddock. 
But Sunday he was up fiercely protecting the nest.
 It's amazing how only a few hours old they took their chick down to the pond for a swim about. The chick is just behind gus. They tend to walk on either side of the chick keeping it safe.

 There is one more egg in the nest,

Farm Stay Guests....

 Pancho would not stay still for a photo for me,
As for Evie it was bitter cold yesterday - she didn't want to get off her hottie for a photo.


  1. Replies
    1. yep very. Geraldine flicked the other egg out of the nest and it rolled down the bank. So only one gosling

  2. Was that planned Leanne? They are so cute when they're a fluffy bundle of gold, not so much when they get older...yes?
    {{hugs}} from Julia

    1. nope not planned. We took 6 of her eggs and then she built her nest in the blackberry patch. With a gander and a ram I didn't go in paddock to get these eggs.

  3. Oh how precious!! That is a great pic of the two of them. :) Kit

  4. Replies
    1. If it is a girl it can stay but if a gander .......