Friday, 16 October 2015

Paleo and cats

Us girls are now wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, nut, seed, nitrate, caffeine and sugar free.
Next is to add grain free and legume free.
New cookbooks have been coming into the home at a crazy pace.
Nourish by Rachael Bryant was the latest book we asked the library to buy for us.
The library is ever so wonderful to buy our suggestions for us to have a look at. 
If it is as good as we think it will be we then buy it. Yes we are buying the Nourish Cookbook.
(I always seem to blow out my book budget - always)

Oh my for lunch Abbey made one of her sauces. Double Apple Dressing with Lemon and Shallot. Totally egg and dairy free. 
Raw apple is used to thicken the sauce - mighty wonderful over fresh asparagus.
I tried to find the recipe on Meatified (Rachel's blog) but I couldn't (it is on page 198 in her book). However she has lots more recipes you can have a peek at.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Welcome to Ella - she was a bit grizzly on her first day (just her normal protest of having to leave home) but tucked into her mince for dinner.

Simba moved for her photo shoot - she might be a tad fussy when she gets home as she LOVES her mince I get a little meow and she pops up on her hind legs and does a little dance when it is dinner time.

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