Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Nearly, Nearly,Nearly.

 Any day now, my garden will be full of lilac flowers. I can hardly wait.I promise not to overload the blog with too many lilac photos... but they are my favourite flowers

Farm Stay Guests..
 Ollie enjoying the sunshine.

Symba saying hello. As soon as we have no cats staying the spring water blasting of the concrete will be done to get rid of the winter moss build up. I don't like using toxic sprays so it looks a bit unsightly in photos. Symba doesn't care. I hope you all don't too.

I always feel so bad when I get behind in replying to emails and comments - I will catch up soon. My head had been down powering through assignments. It is always a good feeling to get some done and uploaded for marking.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you care enough not to use toxic chemicals. Your sweet dog and cat think so too :) I love lilacs. If I had them in my garden I would be looking forward to seeing them bloom.

  2. symba is the coolest looking cat.

  3. My lilacs are almost out too (Wairarapa) - Symba is gorgeous, I love tortoiseshell cats.