Friday, 9 October 2015

Looking out my window

I have the best view out the window in the world while I sit and study...

 It is a tad easy to be distracted especially when all the lambs gather together and then start playing not that I captured that. I saw them playing grabbed my camera to snap some photos of the lambs springing about for you - but missed their antics. It is super fun to watch.

 The youngest lamb is my favourtie. Docking of the lambs tails began a few weekends ago - now we watch to see whose little tail falls off each day.

 Then there is the view of the cattery - again I flew down with my camera trying to snap a photo of Ollie looking over saying hello to his cousin. Oh you can see the white tulips growing in this photo. They started off a creamy/yellow but have infact changed to pure white.

 Ollie hopped down as soon as he saw me.

 He was looking at Sammy. Sammy interrupted his mums plans and took off as soon as he saw her get out her suitcase. The plan was to be here nice and early but with Sammy doing the disappearing act she had to wait until he came home.

Here is Basil. Basil and Sammy both settled in fine - they have been before and their mum had not fed them breakfast so they ate as soon as they got here. Best trick ever to settle the cats in is get them to eat.

Symba's favourite spot. She coped really well with me cleaning all the runs and moving her bed, chair, and scratching post into a new room to fit everyone in. I think she prefers this run as she can sit on her chair and look out into the runs at all the boys.

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  1. I love the lambs! A few years back, one of our neighbors had a field of sheep... I loved to drive by when the lambs were out. <3