Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Long weekend

 We have just had the most amazing long weekend with beautiful spring weather. Just right for enjoying bush walks, gardening, BBQ's with friends and more gardening.

Farm Stay Guests.

I'm so pleased that Evie has become quite accustomed to me and staying here, She is even eating mince. She's extremely affectionate. Come dinner time she wants a pat more than her food, I sit on the chair and she jumps on top of the igloo walks across my lap for a pat, jumps down to her food has a few mouthfuls, jumps on igloo and repeats this many times. She would have me staying with her all day if she could.


  1. beautiful piece of bush paradise there! I thought of you and your goat when I saw this quilt https://threadtales.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/goat-quilt/

  2. What a lovely lady to make the quilt to raise funds. Such a happy bright quilt and yes the goat is just perfect.