Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lilacs and Cats.

 The years of planting lilacs are starting to pay off. I'm going to have weeks and weeks of lilacs due to the bushes are all going to bloom at different times - what joy! I just adore their delicate flower and their aroma makes me stop and bury my nose in their scent.
Oh the plant to the left in bottom photo is a green lavender have I showed it to you before?

 Down in the Moon Garden the white lilac is about to bloom. Won't it be wonderful if it is still in flower for November's Full Moon. I hope it is a clear night - I always feel quite cheated when it is cloudy on a Full Moon like it was last night.

Farm Stay for Cats

Welcome back Pancho - you can just see his white paw on his white back ground grabbing the feather,
 A bit of feather attack in action. His poor mum got to witness Pancho just making himself at home and settling straight into some tucker. He didn't show any symptoms whatsoever of home sickness.

 This visit Evie is eating for me - she likes mince. I wonder if she will be fussy when she gets home?

Once Evie gets going we have quite big conversations. The photo captured her telling me all about it.


  1. Pretty flowers and pretty cats, that is definitely a wonderful combination and these are great photos :)

  2. Love this time of the year in the garden. It's alive and happy lol well that's how I feel anyway xx

    1. Yes me too I am very much a spring girl. Something new is popping up everyday.

  3. Look at those lilacs! So gorgeous. I packed up my gardens yesterday and am looking forward to a winter's rest. :) Kit

  4. Lilacs, fabulous! I didn't know they come in different shades. I love the pink one. Our lonely lilac is blooming, must go and cut some and bring it in to enjoy.