Saturday, 10 October 2015

Asparagus and cats

Pretty big BUZZ first ever harvest of growing asparagus.
Us girls ate it for lunch.

Farm Stay Guests

 I get quite a thrill when I can capture some great photos of the cats for their families.
Basil says "Cats like quilts"

 Basil says "The only thing cats like more than quilts is rolling on quilts"

 Basil says "Do you think I look homesick"?

 Brent multi tasking.... These boys like a good hard head rub - You got to share the attention evenly.... Otherwise they start belting each other.

 Sammy gets into his head rub so much that the scratching pole needs supporting to stop him falling  off.

I cleaned out the rooms and changed all the cats around yesterday... Thinking Sammy and Basil might like to sleep inside. But NOPE they went out the cat door and camped outside in the log cabin.

Heres Symba sending kisses and hello's to her dad.

 Symba enjoying some knee time too... but is much more gentle than the bloke cats staying here at present.

 Here's Ollie lapping up his knee time. Brent enjoys giving Ollie a real good rub up.... They  really get the fur flying - Can you can see the Ollie fur all over Brent's jersey.

 Once they get started Ollie often gives Brent a little nip if he stops to soon.... Whos the boss after all.

If the nip doesn't work - The old smooch against the leg trick does.

Here's Ollie smiling away.... He is sleeping in the middle section inside at nights and enjoys being able to get up high in the attic areas. This works well and he always comes down to see us when we come in.
We are fairly selective who is allowed to do this - For some reason the girl cats will never come down when asked. (They are quite happy to sit up there and bait me for hours, so they don't get the chance anymore)

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