Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A view out the window

"I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me❤️ bang in the face" 

Langston Hughes 

This spring has been a success in the garden of my planting. 
The 50 yellow tulip bulbs are all blooming and making a wonderful show.

They are blooming the same time as the cherry trees.
Next year I will plant more so they are all down the driveway under every cherry tree.

I cut the tops off the daffodils, but the daffodil stalks are a bit taller than the tulips. I am a bit unsure how much of the daffodil I should have cut back - have you any tips?
Plus would you leave the bulbs in the garden or dig them up?

 I won't be cutting any for the vase, they last so much longer in the garden.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Ollie lapping up the sun. Ollie goes home on Monday - I'm not ready to let him leave yet.

 Simba has settled in, she is a real little girl cat and likes much softer, gentle pats than Ollie. It didn't take her long to work out my routine and when the treats get dished up,


  1. Stunning golden tulips. Daff bulbs, mine flower better if I leave them in the ground, for at least the second or third year, if they get too crowded then it is time to dig and divide. Maybe you will get another trip to the Wgn Botanic Gardens on their " Dig up the tulip bulbs" day. I am stunned that they do this, as there must be so many bulbs, very generous if they do it again this year.

  2. Yay Spring! Beautiful views from your window Leanne. Love your tulips, which reminds me...must try and grow them again (my first attempts weren't successful for some reason. Have a great day xo

  3. you sure are reaping the benefits of your hard work! i don't want to see tulips for a very long time.

    1. LOL! Lilacs are just about ready to bloom Oh how I love SPRING

  4. If you are talking about cutting back the stem that the flower came on, that can be cut back as far as you want. The leaves however should be left until they begin to go brown and dry out. They need to be left as long as possible so that they can store up food in the bulb for next years flowers.

    If you are going to put in more my suggestion would be to go with daffodils rather than tulips. Tulips will bloom beautifully the first year, some will bloom the next year and then be gone pretty much by the third year. Digging them up after the foliage has died back and storing them till fall and replanting will keep them going for several more years but is a lot of work I think.

    Daffodils however just produce offsets which once they have grown a few years will bloom. You don't need to dig and divide until they start having fewer flowers----that means that they are overcrowded and need to be divided. Then you can dig the clump after the foliage has matured, divide it and replant. There are about a gazillion different kinds of daffodils too---doubled varieties, ones that produce four or five flowers per stem, bicolored ones, pink ones, orangey ones, white ones. So much more variety than most people realize when they only know a daffodil to be one of those yellow spring flowers.

    Another plus for daffodils if you are plagued by deer like we are is that they strictly leave daffodils alone but tulips are one of their favorite foods.

  5. Hello Leanne,

    The tulips do look lovely flowering. I would let the bulbs die down naturally.

    Happy days.

  6. golden spring flowers oh so pretty! I hope is well with you.