Saturday, 31 October 2015


 Looks like we are in for a good crop of strawberries this year.

 I've asked the boys to net the strawberry bed this weekend, I'm gonna beat the birds this year!

Farm Stay Guests.
 Evie was fascinated watching Pancho getting brushed.

As for Pancho he loves getting all prettied up.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Movies and cats.

Us girls popped off to the movies to see The Dressmaker.
Fantastic movie, well worth watching at the movies.

I have much admiration for Kate Winslet who has a no photoshop/airbrush contract with her L'Oreal contract - you can read about this here.

Farm Stay Guests.

Evie keeping her eye on Pancho
Pancho wanting to go outside but with all the heavy rain yesterday he stayed tuck up nice and warm and dry.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lilacs and Cats.

 The years of planting lilacs are starting to pay off. I'm going to have weeks and weeks of lilacs due to the bushes are all going to bloom at different times - what joy! I just adore their delicate flower and their aroma makes me stop and bury my nose in their scent.
Oh the plant to the left in bottom photo is a green lavender have I showed it to you before?

 Down in the Moon Garden the white lilac is about to bloom. Won't it be wonderful if it is still in flower for November's Full Moon. I hope it is a clear night - I always feel quite cheated when it is cloudy on a Full Moon like it was last night.

Farm Stay for Cats

Welcome back Pancho - you can just see his white paw on his white back ground grabbing the feather,
 A bit of feather attack in action. His poor mum got to witness Pancho just making himself at home and settling straight into some tucker. He didn't show any symptoms whatsoever of home sickness.

 This visit Evie is eating for me - she likes mince. I wonder if she will be fussy when she gets home?

Once Evie gets going we have quite big conversations. The photo captured her telling me all about it.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Long weekend

 We have just had the most amazing long weekend with beautiful spring weather. Just right for enjoying bush walks, gardening, BBQ's with friends and more gardening.

Farm Stay Guests.

I'm so pleased that Evie has become quite accustomed to me and staying here, She is even eating mince. She's extremely affectionate. Come dinner time she wants a pat more than her food, I sit on the chair and she jumps on top of the igloo walks across my lap for a pat, jumps down to her food has a few mouthfuls, jumps on igloo and repeats this many times. She would have me staying with her all day if she could.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Gosh a week has flowen by

The lily of the valley flowers are all out.

 The lilac is starting to bloom. (My favourite flower ever)

Irises are blooming by the Bush Bath. We have had plenty of rain after I sprinkled white cosmos and white borage seed so fingers crossed they will be popping up today. Come summer the moon garden will be really looking wonderful. I've some clary sage to pop in this weekend as well as white gypsophila which I've never been able to grow before.

Susan Branch's new book The Fairy Tale Girl arrived and made me only have 5 hours sleep two nights in a row. A lovely peek into Susan's life - 5/5. Abbey is reading it now and also enjoying it and then I am lending it to a friend. To the friend that rings me and says "wanna wag" (she knows I am buried deep in study at the moment) I umm and arr and she said be ready in 20 minutes.

Next thing I know I'm whisked away from my study piles - yep this is what our dinning room table looks like. I am up to putting case studies together - all the pieces of the last 2 years study are starting to fall into place. Lots of referencing back to previous study notes and research is being done.  And a pillow to sit on - man I have never sat on my but for such long periods at a time (I have no natural padding on my butt mine all hangs out in the front). Us girls went to the garden/cafe for a cuppa and some humming bird cake - I had been sugar free for 1 whole week - my friend is such a bad influence on me (lets blame her for my non will power aye)

Farm Stay Guests.
 Welcome back Evie. She has been before and would not eat for me. Thank goodness her family brought  food Evie will eat and phew I can relax she is eating this time.

 She has the sweetest little meow and pops her head out of the igloo to meow meow at me.

We keep it all in the family here, Evie is the grandfurbaby of Ella's mum and dad. So to think they can watch the blog and see what their grandfurbaby Evie is doing.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Paleo and cats

Us girls are now wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, nut, seed, nitrate, caffeine and sugar free.
Next is to add grain free and legume free.
New cookbooks have been coming into the home at a crazy pace.
Nourish by Rachael Bryant was the latest book we asked the library to buy for us.
The library is ever so wonderful to buy our suggestions for us to have a look at. 
If it is as good as we think it will be we then buy it. Yes we are buying the Nourish Cookbook.
(I always seem to blow out my book budget - always)

Oh my for lunch Abbey made one of her sauces. Double Apple Dressing with Lemon and Shallot. Totally egg and dairy free. 
Raw apple is used to thicken the sauce - mighty wonderful over fresh asparagus.
I tried to find the recipe on Meatified (Rachel's blog) but I couldn't (it is on page 198 in her book). However she has lots more recipes you can have a peek at.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Welcome to Ella - she was a bit grizzly on her first day (just her normal protest of having to leave home) but tucked into her mince for dinner.

Simba moved for her photo shoot - she might be a tad fussy when she gets home as she LOVES her mince I get a little meow and she pops up on her hind legs and does a little dance when it is dinner time.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Figs, Ducks and Cats.

 Looking like we will have a bumper crop of figs.

 A new family has moved in - Paradise Ducks. On the left is mum
 On the right is dad.

Terribly cute.
Farm Stay Guests.

 Molly and Bella were not in the mood for photos today.

Symba gives me little hello meows whenever I pop into the cattery

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Broad beans

 The broad beans are going to be a bumper crop this year.

 Symba settling in for her chin rub

 Oh boy oh boy! I am under strict instructions not to let Molly and Bella get fat... BUT they ate the WHOLE bowl of nuts in one day plus their mince....

Working off all that food with a good old scratch.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Ready for Take Off

 The boys went on an adventure to the South Island traveling by plane to Christchurch to pick up a car James had brought.

A Ford Falcon and they are driving it home. They stopped the night at Picton and head home on the boat today. James is rather pleased with his new car.

New Zealand from space - showing our North and South Island. 
To think you can visit both islands in one day.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Basil watching the sweet pea shoots poppin up

 The old tongue trick from Sammy
 Symba or as we tend to call her sweetie Symba likes mince over her dinner her dad brought.

 Welcome to Bella and Molly who arrived Saturday.

 Ollie's favourite part of the day mince time. He has put a bit of weight on - I hope his family doesn't growl at me.