Friday, 4 September 2015


The kids are getting loads of fun out of the derby car. Last night the sheep and lambs were moved out of one paddock so the boys could teach a girl how to drive. She was a tad mortified at slipping the clutch and doing wheelies but as you could imagine the boys thought it was hilarious. I think the boys taught her more about skids than learning how to actually drive.

Brent & I enjoy having the kids over and they have quite a pad in the barn where they set up their band equipment and wear earmuffs while they play the drums, electric guitars and piano.

They are putting out some great sounds and even the neighbours have commented on how good they sound.

Our neighbours are good sorts and don't  mind the loud music the kids put out. But then there is a few paddocks between houses.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep we love seeing the kids being busy having fun. It was quite hard saying no to computer games & xbox when the kids were younger - but it sure has paid off - they keep busy in other ways. I found it interesting that Steve Jobs was a low tech parent too.

  2. I so miss having all the teenagers ar my house. But they are all in their Mid twenties now. Married or in relationships. In their homes having kids. Those days go do fast. Enjoy while they are still there.

    1. Yea I know it goes by fast aye. We try and say yes as often as we can and I try and cook meals the friends like to eat ie non naturopath approved pizza, lasagna etc. but always a big salad and plenty of vegetables. Come summer the bbq will get a work out no doubt.