Monday, 28 September 2015

Super Moon

Last nights moon was rather spectacular, so nice to have a clear night.Tonight here in New Zealand is the Full Moon which also just happens to be a Total Lunar Eclipse (we won't see it), with the Moon being closest to the earth resulting in a Super Moon. To top it off, this Super Moon is a Blood Moon Here in New Zealand September's Moon is known as a Seed Moon and in the Northern Hemisphere a Harvest Moon.

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 The Bay tree in flower under the Moon light.

 The Bay Tree in flower during daylight.

 Farm Stay Guests.

Ollie enjoyed his Sunday - we had a lovely sunny day and no cool breeze. A beautiful Spring day indeed.


  1. i think it is going to be too cloudy here to see it. i have never seen my bay leaves bloom?

    1. What a shame. We don't get to see the Lunar Eclipse as our full moon is this afternoon. Hope the cloud clears for you. I think they have to be quite old to flower? have to check on that - mine is about 10 years old the kids brought me when they were little for my birthday one year.