Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Spring is nearly here.

It looks like we will be getting a bumper crops of Billington Plums. We also have a Black Doris plum tree that has finished flowering and was also covered in blossom. Billington is a pollinator for Black Doris. I can't quite work out how this is so as the Black Doris finishes blooming before the Billingon's blossoms open.

Farm Stay Guests.
 Brent arrived home early tonight.... Just as I was feeding the cats. Ollie popped on over to see who it was. Hows this for an impressive tail shot. Ollie has a rather nice long tail,

Beau is a character and he likes to snuggle into Brent's beard..... Murray might have to grow a beard while on holiday.

Sienna is such a sweetie. She is back to eating her mince again - This week it is mince over her fancy feast.

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