Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hint of spring

I am mighty thrilled with a driveway lined with daffodils. I think my friends are sick of me asking have you driven past and looked yet? It truly is a delightful sight.

Next year and the year after that and after that will be a real treat for the eyes.
Brent has planted kowhai trees in between each cherry tree.
Can you imagine how cheerful the driveway will look?

We are hoping it will be busy with tui's hanging upside down digging out the kowhai nectar.

On the other side of the driveway I'm trying to make a blue garden and so far so good with the grape hyacinths blooming at the same time as the daffodils.

 Further up in the shady part of the front garden is a place I like to just sit and be amongst one of my herbal allies - the  sweet violet (Viola odorata).

Further round is where I am trying to make a red garden, and the first tulip of the season has popped up and said hello. Daily there is so much newness happening outside. It is all rather exciting.

 Another set of twin lambs were born in the weekend - every ewe so far has produced twins except for one. I will try and remember to take my camera with me to get a video of the lambs playing. One set were playing chase around a tree yesterday which had Brent and I in fits of laughter watching.
Do you get why spring is my favourite time of the year?

Farm Stay Guests.

 It is also pollen time which gets every where. Sienna doesn't seem to mind getting coated in it.

 The pollen gets lodged on the ledge and Sienna happily rubs and bunts it onto her coat.

 Beau with his I'm going to pounce on you look - he is such a smooch and prefers to be cuddled over getting great photos.

Indigo has her eye more focused on watching the birds at the feeder. Man she snubbed me and put on a show for Brent last night at feeding time.

Right back to my school books - I'm working my way through a huge assignment. Oh I passed all my exams from the workshop - now that was a fun bit of mail.


  1. wow...your place looks gorgeous and the lambs are too cute! if i don't get fall here soon i am going to scream. we are in the upper 90's here all week with nothing but sun. it's awful!

    1. Way too hot for me. But I am soo looking forward to warmer weather our wind chill has been too cold to be outside. I think it was Monday we had both fires on. We still have big ponds in paddocks. Frogs have moved in and we can hear them croak - hope thye find a new pond before summer and they dry up.

  2. The daffs are beautiful and the two best things about them other than the fact that they are early bloomers is that they multiply like crazy (more every year) and the deer don't like them. We have a terrible problem here with deer devouring most everything in sight that isn't sprayed with deer repellent or fenced. Having something that they totally avoid is wonderful.

    Same as jazz (above) terribly hot, humid and dry here and i too am hoping for some cool fall-like weather in the near future.

    1. Yes I am looking forward to getting more and more daffs every year. Must be nice to look out your window at the deer - but yep totally understand the pest aspect.

  3. Hi Leanne,
    All your Spring flowers are looking really cheerful. Ours are doing well too. The Magnolias here and in our area have been really colourful too.
    It's rewarding to see clumps of bulbs really thriving. Best wishes to all your lovely family, Ali.

    1. Hi Ali. Isn't it nice to see the end of winter. I must get a photo of our magnolia - we only have one but it is pretty. I told the family you said hi

  4. Oh my, they are lovely! Spring has arrived for you, and I am heading into my Fall. We are both happy! :) Kit

  5. Looks fantastic! And it will get better and better each year. Love watching the lambs play. Enjoy

    1. oh isn't it the best to watch them folick about. Our oldest got stuck in between fences and had to be rescued yesterday

  6. you have hints of spring and I have hints of fall. I am ready for a change of seasons!!