Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Daily photos

 The broad beans won't be far off. In a few weeks I will begin harvesting the leaf tops which I gently steam. We eat our broad beans more like a green bean and don't let them get too big.

My new helper in the garden - she is yet to have her lamb and stands on the otherside of the vegetable garden waiting for tit bits.

Farm Stay Guests.
 I think all cat lovers enjoy watching a cat wash its paws. Beau was doing a mighty fine job of his.

 and then Beau felt his sister Sienna needed a bit of a clean up.

Indigo has settled in to our routine, she is eating her wet food well, She takes her medicine from me no trouble (but I do reward her with a cat treat). The following is in code for her mum and dad - nothing exciting has happened yet.


  1. Now we are all waiting for "something exciting" to happen.

  2. Hello Leanne,

    I am waiting for our beans to produce too. We all love fresh broad beans here at Kainga.

    Happy days.