Thursday, 3 September 2015

Critters and flowers

I could feel someone was watching me and sure enough the neighbours llamas were keeping an eye on me.

Twice a day I walk the paddocks looking for more lambs. It is one of my favourite parts of my day as I get to watch all the new lambs frolic about. The paddocks are very wet with all the rain - not the best for the poor old ewes feet.

 Here in New Zealand the 1st of September is often known as the first day of spring. But I prefer to follow the astronomical  seasons as many scientists, astronomers, Wiccans and Pagans do. Therefore spring is not until the  Spring Equinox which is on 23rd September in New Zealand and in the Northern Hemisphere it is the Autumn Equinox, the end of their summer, beginning of their fall or as we call it autumn,
If your a homeschooler or just want to learn more about seasons this is a fab website to explain the seasons.

My hundreds of spring bulbs I planted up the driveway under the cherry trees are starting to bloom. I hope I've timed it for some of the spring bulbs to be flowering at the same time as the cherry trees, but I think that will be a work in progress.
I'm itching for a fine day to weed around them so I can take some pretty photos to show you all. Won't be today as again we have rain. Another day to be indoors - which is good as I have loads and loads of study to do.


  1. rain? what is that? i can't wait to see all of your flowers!

    1. I just know I am going to be wanting rain come summer especially now we have to pay for water. Bet you are hanging out for fall.