Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Comfort Zones.

 Isn't it soo true! But man it is scary stepping out of your comfort zone.
I can share in a day or two what I'll be doing next school term.
It's all a bit scary but very exciting.

 Another lamb has been born - they have been very staggered this year.

 Another good year of twins.

Farm Stay Guests.

A new type of treats which look ooh yucky green. I checked the packet and they are an oral care treat.
All of the cats went crazy for them.

 Ollie adores the tunnel and likes to hide in it to pounce at my legs. It is becoming part of our play routine,

  I got a fast one over Beau yesterday.
Sienna usually eats the mince while here, but not at home. I noticed she was turning her nose up at the mince so went and brought her some special tinned cat food. Put Beau's mince down first, then Sienna's tinned food. Beau was so busy wolfing his dinner he didn't notice Sienna had something different.
The best photos of Indigo eating her treats. Actually Indigo is quite funny. She sits and watched the other cats eat theirs. Then they then got to sit and watch her eat hers. I enjoy watching  the cats antics each day.


  1. i could look at those lambs all day!

  2. Love the lambs!! We have a variety of kitties we care for who just came here... and I love to watch them as well.

  3. We got w late lamb too! I wonder want that means for the weather Oh yes comfort zones. How scary when you step outside. But oh how magical when you do it's the ultimate leap of faith