Sunday, 23 August 2015

We have arrived.

 We had a lovely sunny day to drive up to New Plymouth. Made it in record time with the TomTom deciding the quickest route taking us through back roads, some which were one lane roads and bridges. I tell you it was total trust where TomTom was taking us.

We are staying at the same cottage as we did last time so that we can be rural.

 It's raining and cold today - we had planned to walk around the New Plymouth gardens. But I have more than enough prep study to do before the workshop.

Us girls are snuggly and warm with the pretend fire.

A pot of soup is bubbling away on the stove top for our lunch

Abbey has her sewing machine up. As you can see we have made ourselves quite at home.

The cottage is fully fenced so even Stella the poodle could come.

Right I better hit the books, the first exam is on Tuesday...


  1. Good luck for wednesday.

  2. Good luck for wednesday.

  3. Wishing you the best. I tried to post you happy wishes when you first posted about your trip, but blogger had a fit! Lovely that you can take Abbey and Stella. Looks like a lovely cosy place to stay even if the fireplace is fake! Happy sewing Abbey.

  4. Oh what lovely picts! You guys have a wonderful time! :) Kit

  5. All the best Leanne! It's so nice that Abbey and Stella are able to accompany you!