Sunday, 30 August 2015

New Plymouth

We are back home. The week was full on with full days at the workshop. Each night my head felt it would explode with too much information. Lots of very valuable learning. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We only got to see the mountain 3 days as it was hidden by cloud for the majority of the time.

Our view from the bach's deck was stunning.

 On the way home we didn't quite time seeing one of the four scheduled Romeo & Juliet enactments from the Stratford Glockenspiel 

Daily at 10am, 1pm, 3pm and 7pm the windows open

and a little musical play happens with Romeo and Juliet reaffirming their vows of love.
I do hope to time it better next time.

 The next stop on the way home was to King Edward Park, Hawera to see the Wendy statue.

The bronze statue is of Wendy Darling from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. We especially loved all the critters on the base of the statue.

The park is delightful, a must stop to have a wonder around for big and small kids. Stella had us laughing as even tho she was on a lead she saw the steps and charged up them possibly thinking they were an agility course. (thankfully we were the only ones at the park at the time)

Back home was more progress on the truck. Brent painted the doors on his truck - they are shiny enough to use as a mirror. Next on his list is to paint the guards.

Lovely to see the new lambs that were born while I was away - and maybe more were born last night as one ewe looked ready. I'm about to put my gumboots on and walk the paddocks to see.

My first iris of the season is out

and clumps and clumps of daffodils are out all along the drive home.
Spring is nearly here.

It is nice to be home.


  1. Lovely photos and lots for me to plan to see when I finally manage a trip south. Spring tomorrow although we have a week or more of rain forecast.

    1. A trip down our way how wonderful. Isn"t NZ beautiful soo much to see. Rain here today too.

  2. lovely photo's Leanne. I have had many picnic's with my children under the Wendy statue, King Edward Park is my go to park with my granddaughter. You will be glad to be home.

    1. It was my first time to this park and yes I am pleased to be home, worn out and feel I need a holiday to just knit, read, walk and do nothing, But that is not happening with my workload from the course.

  3. Great photos Leanne, and glad you enjoyed your week. Isn't it always nice to be back home in your own bed?!

    1. Oh yes, nothing quite like your own bed, But I did take my own pillow and quilt. I'm such a homebody

  4. welcome back! happy to hear you had a good trip. the wendy statue is very nice. what a job brent is doing on the truck! stella made me laugh. what a little kid she is!

    1. Yep truck looking good aye. It will be well used travelling around NZ when she gets back on the road.